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wedding photography singapore p01a


A Wedding at Capella: Shin Wei & Yu Wei

This is a beautiful wedding planned by the lovely ladies at Spellbound Weddings. When I first heard the couple's names, Wong Yu Wei and Lin Shin Wei, I felt an immediate sense of familiarity because my daughter's name is Wong Yu Wen. With prejudice, I had expected to see a lady with that name but it turned out that Yu Wei was the groom and Shin Wei was the bride. Amusingly even till today, I have failed to disconnect my daughter's face from Yu Wei's.

I got to know them better after our Bali pre wedding shoot, and they are the most humble, modest, kind and unassuming couples I have ever met. I have served many high-end clients and some of the most pleasant experience came from those clients who despite their wealth still treat everyone with respect and humility. There is no difference in the value of the cheques they pass me, but there is a big difference in HOW the cheques are passed to me, figuratively speaking. A very accurate gauge is to observe how a family treats its wedding photographer, and I have only good things to say about Yu Wei's and Shin Wei's families.

As it turns out, the groom whose wedding I shot last weekend works for Yu Wei and the wedding I am shooting this coming weekend is a business associate of him. It's truly a small world we live in. I hope to share with you these two weddings as well as this couple's Bali pre wedding pictures in the near future.

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