wedding photography singapore p01a

wedding photography singapore p01a


A Wedding at Chijmes

wedding in chijmes embrace

I had the pleasure of being the assistant wedding photographer next to Yu Hsin of Tinydot Photography for the union of Ai Ling and Gaston, held in Chijmes ----- a fitting backdrop for the emotional moments I witnessed.

I have often heard from other photographers that there should be a sense of camaraderie between the couple and their wedding photographer in order to create amazing pictures. I don't disagree, if the photographer's style requires a lot of interaction between photographer and subjects. Personally,  I find the whole chemistry thing between couple and wedding photographer over-rated. I'm sure every photographer would want to play to his/her own strength when selling to the brides or grooms. I would imagine someone with lesser photography skills to want to impress the bride and groom with his/her personality. I'd like to clarify that this is totally legit and fair.

For a story-teller, he/she doesn't need to be bro or sis to the clients. What's more important is understanding, mutual respect and a genuine sense of curiosity and desire to dig deep. The photographer's ideas and vision should be clearly communicated to and bought by the clients. Once that is achieved, there would be no limit to what type of images you can create "in collaboration" with the subjects.

The first thing I always share on my first meetings with couples is what I do and don't do and what I believe in and stand for. Gone were the days when I would promise everything under the sky: cross-processing look? Ok. Black & white? Check. Shoot on film? No problem. You want me to replicate your favourite overseas photographer's work? I interpret it as a challenge I'd gladly accept. Light-painting, fun poses, fashion-stylised....the list goes on.

By making a stand, I may be shrinking the size of my pie by alienating many couples. However, what I get in return is a more flavourful slice of pie that nourishes my body and soul.

Back to Ai Ling and Gaston. I don't know them, but I am curious to find out more (I do know Ai Lin is a childhood friend of Yang of Substance Films). With that, I delved deeper and deeper and uncovered the many layers of relationships and personalities surrounding them and their families.

To put it lamely, I feel like I know them as bro and sis AFTER I photographed them.

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wedding in chijmes bridesmaid dresses

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