wedding photography singapore p01a

wedding photography singapore p01a


My Ten years of Practcing Wedding Photography in Singapore

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Wedding photography in Singapore has come a long way since I started slightly more than ten years ago. I still remember moonlighting on weekends while still a photojournalist with Today newspaper. Those were busy and heady days, when market rates of $50-80 per hour were commonplace.

Those days were a blur, as my time was divided between my day job and wedding photography. I remember I was one of the earlier advertisers with Singapore Brides, shot a couple of weddings using film, and a 10-megapixel DSLR that weighed like 2 bricks was a big deal. I started off with Greymatter Photography, became a partner at Tinydot Photography, and now back on my own again, with my own label called Feelm. It has a fine-art edge to actual story-telling (not the posy, artificially styled shoots they call fine art).

The (Fine Art)iculator is an online moniker I use, to share, to educate, to be critiqued, to learn, to criticize, to laugh at, and to have fun with. I’m sure everyone has his or her own story to tell. Love stories, sob stories, tales of despair and loss, or stories of victories sung as songs. Mine is one of discovery, disillusionment, and re-discovery——a journey that spanned ten years which went through a marriage, two kids and five (failed) dietary resolutions and an identity crisis. For those who are interested, I will share more details in subsequent posts.

The (Fine Art)iculator is a culmination of my years of misguidance, insecurities, unlearning and re-learning, and the accumulative understanding of the true meaning in our lives. It may seem outdated and out-of-fashion in these days of Instagram and Pinterest but ultimately, everyone loves a good story, especially when it is well-told. It’s not a one-man war against Instagram bubble-gum fluff or the tsunami of Pinterest boards (more on these later). Rather, it’s my one honest voice in this new/digital/online tsunami and hopefully, I can keep my head above water for….not too long….maybe just a few more years.

After all, like what Neil Gaiman said: “The real problem with stories - if you keep them going long enough, they always end in death.”

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