wedding photography singapore p01a

wedding photography singapore p01a


Don't Believe What You Read In Magazines or Online

church wedding ceremony
Even before the age of internet, magazines constantly attract readers with sensational headlines or misleading content. Things like "Ten ways to please your men/women" (which incidentally rarely worked...because I know) or topics like "Top Twenty Key Moments To Capture At a Wedding" inadvertently attracts eyeballs and page views but I have always questioned the credentials of the writers of such stories and advice. I remembered reading and being told that one of the must-have moments to capture is the signing of the marriage papers. What is so appealing about two persons signing a piece of paper (maybe they got the cue from politicians or businessmen signing Memorandum of Understanding at press conferences but little do they know that photojournalists dread taking those photos and only print them as last resort....I should know).

In this image, I think the more significant moment came AFTER the bride finished putting pen to paper, as she threw a glance at her husband, only to find him staring at her. I'm sure the viewers are left with more questions than answers.....but isn't a photograph supposed to have that effect on viewers?

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