wedding photography singapore p01a

wedding photography singapore p01a


Pre Wedding Pictures That Last.....Longer

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It's never easy for me to shoot pre-wedding sessions because my strength has always been telling a story as it unfolds in a real event. To me, pre-wedding is a "non-event". I regard it more as a portrait session that preserves a moment in time for the subjects, as well as to showcase their personalities. I tend to attract a certain type of couples.....those who are apparently "boring". If I were the subject, I certainly won't go for drama. Neither can I bring myself to prepare the 101 props to spice up my own shoot. I'd probably tell the photographer:" We are here now. Just shoot. Don't make me do anything that'll look silly after a few years." The style is a manifestation of my character. For pre-wedding sessions, I do boring, I do elegant, I do classy.

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