wedding photography singapore p01a

wedding photography singapore p01a


A Taitung Holiday Part 5 (Final)

If the first part of the last meaningful day in Taitung was about me and my fishing port, then the second part was about the kids and their love for water, sand and anything that move. We heard from the homestay owner that there was this place where visitors could hand-feed fish in the ocean with seaweed buns. He mentioned a name "小鱼儿的家" and we went looking for it after a late lunch. It was only 10 minutes' drive from the homestay and a very nicely done-up bistro with views of the rocky beach/ocean. We saw many visitors throwing pieces of buns into the naturally-formed pools. We assumed we had to order something at the bistro before we could proceed to feed the fish. The "cheapo" in us ordered whatever that's cheapest on the menu.....a latte and kiwi juice. Hilariously, it was only until we got down to the beach that we realised the fish-feeding "stunt" was free of charge and open to all.

 Like most kids, these two would not give up until they have had a dip in the ocean. A few hundred metres away from the rocks is a stretch of clear sandy beach. That was where we spent our last sunset in Taitung.

I don't have the habit of constantly posting pictures of my food, but I'll make an exception for the best meal we had for the entire trip. It was a nondescript family-run restaurant tucked along a quiet road in a small town/village called Fugang (富岗市). What caught my attention, beside the vast array of fresh seafood available, was the vegetables menu at the entrance to the restaurant. I wish I could order everything to try, as many of these vegetables were either unavailable in Singapore or unheard of.

The food had very little seasoning and I could taste the original flavours erupting inside my mouth. The restaurant was packed but we were lucky to be able to share a table with some regular customers who were late for their reserved time slot. Unlike us, they seemed to know what they wanted as the moment they sat down, the dishes were served one after another. It was a typical case of "mine was good, but I wish I had order yours too". All in all, an excellent meal to conclude our first trip to this wonderful county of Taitung. We will surely be back!

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